Angelic Reiki


Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is a complementary healing therapy which works with the body’s energy system. Around the body there are etheric layers which support our physical body.These layers work together with our chakra system within our body, and ensure it is working to its optimum level.The chakra system is the body’s energy centre and we have 7 main chakras;Base,sacral,solar plexus,heart,throat,third eye and crown.When these chakras become imbalanced the body becomes weak and prone to illness. Quite often when we are feeling generally unwell and cant pinpoint exactly what is wrong it is because one of these energy centres is out of balance.

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hChakra-Test-Cheat-SheetFor those of you who are sceptical (and I’m sure there are many,as I certainly was)think back to those days when you were in school and learning about basic Physics in science lessons and you were taught that everything around us and within us were tiny molecules all vibrating at a different level,some being so dense that they appeared solid.That blew your mind too didn’t it? Well this works on a similar principle,in that we are all vibrating molecules of energy,some of which are vibrating in such a way it appears dense,like our physical bodies and some which are vibrating at a finer level and therefore unseen,which is our etheric layer around our body. As with our physical body our etheric body can become bogged down as it takes on all that we carry around with us in our daily lives. Problems at work? The stress is stored in our etheric body. Recovering from an illness? Again this is stored in our etheric body. A llittle like living in a smoggy city,if we don’t spend some time clearing this it WILL affect our ability to cope and function effectively.Angelic Reiki can help clear this stuck energy.

Angelic Reiki  works a little like a very deep,relaxing meditation. During your treatment you will lie on my therapy bed (or sit upright in a chair if that is more comfortable) and I will lay my hands gently on your shoulders and begin the treatment. You will remain fully clothed at all times with a blanket over you for warmth and comfort if you wish. Gentle music is played in the background to help you relax,although if you would prefer silence that is perfectly fine and we will discuss this at the beginning of the session. The experience is similar to a meditation and at the end you should feel deeply relaxed and as if you’ve had a really good nights sleep.

Treatments are booked by the hour to allow me ensure you get the most benefit as I possibly can from the experience but the actual therapy lasts between 20-30 minutes.


Single treatments cost £25

Member of the Angelic Reiki Association and the British Association of Complementary Healers