The Five Reiki Principles

While Reiki is not a religion or belief system, Dr Usui was a deeply spiritual man who believed that if we all followed these guidelines then we could bring about peace and understanding in the world as a whole and in our own private personal space.

Nobody is perfect, but Reiki practitioners will always strive to live by these principles to our best ability. It is our code of conduct.








1) Be thankful

Being thankful for all that you have helps you stay in a positive mindset. If you have a positive mindset each day is easier no matter what challenges you have in your life. It is difficult but try to turn every challenge around,where you try to find the gift in it. Each challenge is a test, a lesson, that you are being taught. Ask yourself, when this is over, what will I have learned from it? Will I have learned what I am capable of? Will I have learned how strong I am, how I am able to overcome adversity? Will I have learned how to budget money, survive on very little, stand up for myself, stand up for my children? Fight for what I believe in? There is always a lesson, the trick is to look for the light in the darkness. Reiki can help you find that light.

2) Do not worry.

The universe hears every thought as a statement. When  you say, “I don’t want to be poor ” it hears “I” and “poor” and assumes you want to understand and experience how it feels to be poor. It doesn’t understand language. Keep your thoughts positive as best you can. Reiki encourages you to trust that the universe will always provide whatever your soul needs for it to grow. Live for today. Do your best today, let the universe take care of the rest. By letting Reiki into your life you are already showing it that you want positivity to grow and flourish in your life. Ask for help in a positive tone and let the universe get on with it. Don’t keep banging on with “I don’t wants”, it confuses it and stops it from doing what it needs to do. Some things take time. Sometimes when you are going through a difficult period in your life you won’t understand until much later, when you reflect and look back at what you learned. Or you will turn it into a positive and use it to help others as a force for good. Trust in the universe and move one step at a time, moment to moment. Reiki can help you to skim off the heavy worry that is clogging your mind.

3) Do not get angry.

Everyone gets upset. We are all human beings full of emotion. Emotion is the body’s way of releasing that which is poisonous to its spirit. Like a high temperature that burns away an infection. It is very powerful and therefore when it needs to be released it comes out with great force. This can be a really uncomfortable, often frightening experience, both for the person directly involved and for those around them. It activates your ‘ Fight or Flight’ system. If you are ready for it, are supported and feeling strong enough, you will stay and fight it. Deal with the situation and the emotion that comes with it. Otherwise you will freeze with fear, which makes you feel out of control, and the first instinct you have will be to push it down. Don’t confuse this with being strong. If you react this way you must allow it to be expressed appropriately. If you don’t, you are not in control of your emotions, they are in control of you,like demons lurking in the dark waiting to attack you when you least expect it. Anger is such a powerful  emotion. It  can cause so much damage, both to the person unleashing it and to those around that person. Talk about your fears, worries, what bothers you, what you expect from others, anything you need to do to calm your inner soul so that the demons are released before they can unleash themselves on you. Whatever you think of yourself, think of those you love and if you care about them at all, about their  well-being, then change the way you deal with your emotions. Something so powerful cannot be ignored or pushed away. Learn to master it. Reiki can help you recover balance of mind and emotion to help you live a peaceful life. Anger hurts others and yourself. It is the waste of a good soul.

4) Work hard

A lazy mind is bad for you. Whatever you do, do your best. Keep your mind active, learn and grow through your work. If you hate it, consider how you can change it to make it better. Don’t be a martyr or a slave to something that smothers your soul. Take responsibility. This is your life, don’t waste a second of it. You don’t have to be a multi-millionaire businessman, if you’re happy being a bin man do that,so what?It doesn’t matter what you do. I am not, however, advocating becoming a workaholic. You work to live. There must be balance in all you do. But choose to do what makes you happy and give it all you’ve got in the time you spend there. Reiki can help you bring focus into your life to help you find the path that makes you happy.

5) Be kind to others

Why would it even occur to you to be anything else? You have no idea what is going on behind the scenes in anyone’s life. How they feel when they close the door each night. The brightest smile can hide the saddest soul. An angry person could be the keeper of the most fragile heart,using anger as a protective armour and attack as a form of defence. Your smile could be the only one a person sees that day, and could literally be the reason they let themselves wake up to the next day. The world needs change and that change begins with you. Make your part of the world a haven for those who need to see there is kindness in the world. Lead by example, never lower yourself to treating someone badly just because you feel bad yourself, and if you do then take responsibility, admit it and apologise. The Law of attraction is a very powerful thing. Like attracts like. Be the person you want to spend time with and spread a little sunshine in the world wherever you go.

Reiki can make you feel so good about yourself, when you see that difference and how good it feels you want to spread the love. It can be life changing if you let it in. You don’t need to understand how it works. Just trust, believe, give it commitment and let me show you just how powerful it can be.